Indiana Mulitgun


You can come out shoot any of this years matches. But if you want to compete with the best in the state and have a shot at the Prize Table, you need get in the point race.

RULES: These are subject to change pending 2018 rules apporval

To be eligible for the series shoot-off you must shoot a "POINTS" match at 4 of the 5 INMG Series locations. Match locations (Atlanta, Wildcat, Bend of the River, North Porter and South Central).

If you qualify, we will combine your top 8 scores (possible 800 points) from the year and see where you rank in your division.

A percentage of the total shooters that shot in each division during the season will determine the number of shooters that will make up your division available seats in the series shoot-off. There is a highly sophisticated super math algorithm that they use, so we just go with it.


No matter what division you shot all year and qualified in (OPEN, OPTICS, LIMITED or PCC) The shoot-off will be shot with Tac-Optics division rule set.

NOTE: Your Series Registration is not complete until you pay your entry fee via PAYPAL.


South Central Conservation Club